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Variations and Table of Toys and Numbers

Hey, if you’re in the 802/413 area code, INCOMING: Nat Parke and Allen Shawn will be shredding (in?metal guitar fashion) my Variations for cello and prepared piano, at the marathon I/O Fest at Williams College. It’s this Friday 1/17 at 8pm at the ‘62 Center alongside some great events, full schedule HERE. On February 2 […]


Created out of a hundred earworms, five singers roam through a forest of speaker chandeliers in a warehouse event somewhere between an arena-style decathlon and channel surfing, in work that is “operatic in scope, unfolding in layers that constantly reveal new meanings” (Culturebot) Performance / Installation Sunday, September 8, 7-9:30pm with Starr Busby, Michael Chinworth, […]

The Breaks



  ….I’ve been working on a new installation called (s)extant. I’m looking at early mechanisms for surveying and navigation, & their relation to borders and orientation in a post-GPS world. I’m using modern technologies (mini-gyros, arduinos and surround sound) and connecting them to older ways of getting about (the sextant), and getting the audience see […]

Variations Cello/Prepared Piano @ Bennington

  Pianist Allen Shawn and cellist Nat Parke premiered a version of my Variations, for cello and prepared piano. Here’s the recording (and score). Notes from the performance:   “Every few years, I rewrite God Save the Queen/My Country Tis of Thee for what instruments are available: a theremin, kitchen utensils, maybe a piano. I’m […]

Decameron Workshop @ Bennington 8/24-27

Workshop / Installation / Performance  this August 24/27 at Bennington with fabulous performers  Michael Chinworth, Soomi Kim, Paul Pinto, Kamala Sankaram and Dax Valdes  

Psychic Driving

One Page, Psychic Driving Psychic Driving is an evening-length piece that mashes up musical sampling and physical theater to reflect on sound in the modern age of torture.  The piece was shown in parts as a work-in-progress at HERE’s Culturemart Series in March 2015, and was further developed through a Puffin grant and workshops at Bennington College. […]

Jarak Jauh CD almost there…

Just finished mastering my new CD with the fabulous Oskar Zambrano at Zampol Productions (with help from Jeff Cook, and before that the recordings of Julie Last).  So much to put out there, but below is one track I’m enjoying. Thanks to Mugiyono Kasido, Talujon Percussion, and Mew Music USA for commissioning this piece. For more […]

Hypnopedia (pt. 4, Psychic Driving)

Hypnopedia is part 4 of Psychic Driving, here  with performers Kamala Sankaram and Michael Chinworth. Thanks to Mariam Shah for her voice-over and translations.  Workshop at Margot Tenney Theater at Bennington College in August 2016, with a generous grant from the Puffin Foundation.


Sun-Eaters, a collaboration with dancers Elena Demyanenko, Jen Nugent, and Tzveta Kassabova premiered at Middlebury College last April. Once again, a delight to work with Elena and others (Paul Matteson in the first pic) on this trio project.  Rehearsals are at the Boathouse, Smith College and at the Mahaney Center for the Performing Arts at Middlebury College. […]