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Ten Transcendental Etudes

During the pandemic I started working on an evening length theater piece, ten etudes for 6 performers.  The work has been supported by fellowships at Bogliasco and Millay. Most recently I did a workshop @ Bennington with performers Paul Pinto and Hai-Ting Chinn, and co-director Ashley Tata. The Etudes is an evening-length piece for 6 […]

Regina Variations

In a month, I’m releasing a new album of mostly instrumental works, called Regina Variations.   It’s coming out on LP and online, and features chamber commissions from over a decade, from groups such as Bang on a Can All Stars, Continuum Contemporary Music, and Orchestra 2001.  More about the album: “Every few years, I rewrite […]

helloooo world

Hey!  It’s been a few years away of creating, travelling, and isolating. All last year I was on sabbatical and was in Rome, waiting the pandemic out. The result? Lots of new work, and new performances in the offing.  Last Spring I was also a Bogliasco Fellow in Liguria, Italy.   In about a month, […]

Variations and Table of Toys and Numbers

Hey, if you’re in the 802/413 area code, INCOMING: Nat Parke and Allen Shawn will be shredding (in?metal guitar fashion) my Variations for cello and prepared piano, at the marathon I/O Fest at Williams College. It’s this Friday 1/17 at 8pm at the ‘62 Center alongside some great events, full schedule HERE. On February 2 […]


Created out of a hundred earworms, five singers roam through a forest of speaker chandeliers in a warehouse event somewhere between an arena-style decathlon and channel surfing, in work that is “operatic in scope, unfolding in layers that constantly reveal new meanings” (Culturebot) Performance / Installation Sunday, September 8, 7-9:30pm with Starr Busby, Michael Chinworth, […]

The Breaks



  ….I’ve been working on a new installation called (s)extant. I’m looking at early mechanisms for surveying and navigation, & their relation to borders and orientation in a post-GPS world. I’m using modern technologies (mini-gyros, arduinos and surround sound) and connecting them to older ways of getting about (the sextant), and getting the audience see […]

Variations Cello/Prepared Piano @ Bennington

  Pianist Allen Shawn and cellist Nat Parke premiered a version of my Variations, for cello and prepared piano. Here’s the recording (and score). Notes from the performance:   “Every few years, I rewrite God Save the Queen/My Country Tis of Thee for what instruments are available: a theremin, kitchen utensils, maybe a piano. I’m […]

Decameron Workshop @ Bennington 8/24-27

Workshop / Installation / Performance  this August 24/27 at Bennington with fabulous performers  Michael Chinworth, Soomi Kim, Paul Pinto, Kamala Sankaram and Dax Valdes  

Psychic Driving

One Page, Psychic Driving Psychic Driving is an evening-length piece that mashes up musical sampling and physical theater to reflect on sound in the modern age of torture.  The piece was shown in parts as a work-in-progress at HERE’s Culturemart Series in March 2015, and was further developed through a Puffin grant and workshops at Bennington College. […]