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Jarak Jauh CD almost there…

Just finished mastering my new CD with the fabulous Oskar Zambrano at Zampol Productions (with help from Jeff Cook, and before that the recordings of Julie Last).  So much to put out there, but below is one track I’m enjoying. Thanks to Mugiyono Kasido, Talujon Percussion, and Mew Music USA for commissioning this piece. For more […]

Hypnopedia (pt. 4, Psychic Driving)

Hypnopedia is part 4 of Psychic Driving, here  with performers Kamala Sankaram and Michael Chinworth. Thanks to Mariam Shah for her voice-over and translations.  Workshop at Margot Tenney Theater at Bennington College in August 2016, with a generous grant from the Puffin Foundation.


Sun-Eaters, a collaboration with dancers Elena Demyanenko, Jen Nugent, and Tzveta Kassabova premiered at Middlebury College last April. Once again, a delight to work with Elena and others (Paul Matteson in the first pic) on this trio project.  Rehearsals are at the Boathouse, Smith College and at the Mahaney Center for the Performing Arts at Middlebury College. […]

oh my god look at that

A mash-up of Taylor, Carly Rae, and others you might know… Part 2 of Psychic Driving. Thanks to Bennington students Emma Welch and Julia Crowley!    

Attaché Case Gamelan Demo

For The Traps, I built makeshift Javanese gamelans in 6 Staples attaché cases, filled with glass gongs, steel-tine mbiras, aluminum crotales, and myriad other tiny instruments, each tuned to the 6 tonalities in central Javanese gamelan. A demo of these attaché cases, along with a video is here. The Traps is a New Music USA Commission for […]


I have become a choreography junkie, scoring dances all over. After the premiere of Blue Room, by Dai Jian and Elena Demyanenko at New York Live Arts last year, I am scoring an evening-length piece called Sun-Eaters by Tzveta Kassabova, Elena Demyanenko, and Jen Nugent/Paul Matteson, which will be premiered at Middlebury College on April […]

Archipelago CD

A new CD, spanning a decade of pieces that rework Javanese gamelan, will be coming out this Fall.  Nusantara playfully deconstructs Javanese gamelan, reimagining that orchestra of gongs and metallophones. Hubcaps, computerized accelerometers, found percussion, and attaché-case mini-gamelans all rework the tradition of karawitan in omnivorous reorchestrations while traditional forms such as the palaran and sampak are […]

Talujon/The Traps at the DiMenna Center

Fab percussion sextet Talujon will be performing The Traps at the DiMenna Center (part of the Baryshnikov Center) at 8 PM on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 alongside works by Julia Wolfe and Steve Reich. The Traps is a New Music USA Commission for Talujon, written in collaboration with the virtuosic Javanese dancer Mugiyono Kasido. A version […]

Philly Salon

Salon Series Cabinet stalwart Michael Chinworth will be performing excerpts (23 of ‘em) from Blank State at Andrea Clearfield’s Salon Series in Philly this Sunday, January 31 at 8 PM. Blank State is a collection of hundreds of 15-second pieces, sculpted and resampled out of people’s earworms—pieces they can’t get out of their head. Andrea […]

Psychic Driving

Psychic Driving was shown as a work-in-progress at HERE’s Culturemart Series in March 2015. HERE writes: “Psychic Driving surrounds the audience with a hallucinatory landscape of audio surveillance, hospital sonification, and clandestine broadcasts, inspired by the CIA brainwashing experiments of the 1950s, in which subjects were force-fed LSD then played looped audiotapes. Four performers chatter, sing, and […]