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“Too much #$%^& is going on!” yelled Mike Chinworth, a performer in Time and Motion Study. Mike was running with an armful of bricks and steak knives, while ducking from another performer diving off a desk into a wheelbarrow full of office paper. A third performer was shoveling the paper onto everybody, while five others milled around singing Wagner, Righteous Brothers, and Whitney Houston in a precision-shredded musical collage. “I’m amazed no one got hurt” Mike said.

Too MUCH #$%^& is going ON—but good #$%^&, and no one’s getting hurt as we prepare for a performance of Border Towns at HERE in 2010, and found an ensemble The Cabinet, devoted to singing, lipsynching and producing this musical chaos. So in the spirit of too much, we need your help.

What will your donation do? It will marshal the talents of a superb ensemble, with lights, set, and full stereo imaging. It’ll literally produce Border Towns in 2010. And it’ll help start a new innovative project through ERPA. Check it all out here.

To make this possible I’ve started The Cabinet, an ensemble and production company, to work with larger venues. But we’re doing this from scratch—and performances over the next year will total over 30 grand, so we need everyone’s help! Contributions can be made to The Cabinet through The Field, an arts umbrella, and are fully tax deductible.

Please give what you can. It doesn’t have to be too #$%^&* much. And it won’t hurt. It would be great to have you part of this new team!

Best, Nick

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Special thanks to the donors and supporters of The Cabinet! These include HERE, ERPA/The Field (through the Rockefeller Foundation), Bennington College, as well as individual donors.

Special thanks to Mark and Kristine Pottinger, who have been angels. Also big thansk to Garrett Fisher.

Grover Askins, Anna Bean, Suzanne Bach, Dixie Brooke, Mary Jo and Russ Carpenter, Julian and Roberta Crowell, Charles Dewey, Jeanne and Rick Driscoll, Zirca and John Filipczak, Henry and Susan Flynt, Judy and Bruce Grinnell, Tim Hamilton, Polly Hamilton, E.J. and Leslie Johnson, Sue Killam and Kevin Kennefick, Doris Kycia, Judy Matz and Bill Morgan, Phyllis, Bud, Joanne, and Donna Riley, Stephen and Ginny Sandy, Irwin Shainman, Phil and Susie Smith, and Brad Verter.