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Complete Past Performances

  • Border Towns. The Cabinet (Nick Brooke composer/co-director, Jenny Rohn, co-director).
    In development through HERE’s Arts Center Residency Program, 2008-9.
    Work-in-progress performance January 14-15, 2009, at HERE’s Culturemart Series, NYC.
  • Mass The Cabinet (Nick Brooke composer/co-director, Jenny Rohn, co-director)
    Mass MoCA, September 2008. Bennington College, March 2006.
  • Time and Motion Study for 8 performers. Mass MoCA, September 2008. Bennington College, March 2008.
  • Pathetan for Speculum Musicae. Merkin Concert Hall. March 2007.
  • Double (revision) Continuum Contemporary Music. Music Gallery, Toronto. March 2007.
  • Palaran/Bolero for two vocalists and gamelan.  Featured concert with Wrestling Monks,
    Rubber Spike, and Jarak Jauh. Avant-Gong Festival, The Stone. June 2006.
  • Jarak Jauh Margaret Lancaster, flute. Spoleto Festival, Santa Fe New Music, Sept Lezards (Paris), BONK Festival, Subtropics Festival, Stanford, Princeton, and multiple other venues.
  • Twelve Stations (first section of Mass) for four vocalists. Schizoid Music Series, Cornelia St. Café. February 2005. Also at X-Avant Festival with John Oswald, Toronto. September 2006.
  • Rubber Spike for rebab, gender, and foley artist. Premiered at Umbul-Umbul Festival, Denpasar, Bali August 2004. Revised version, Schizoid Music Series, Cornelia St. Café, February 2005, and Indonesian Consulate, NYC, March 2005.
  • Tone Test (opera) for Dina Emerson and Greg Purnhagen with David Herskovits, director. Guggenheim project developed with American Opera Projects. Premiere: Lincoln Center Festival, July 2004. Excerpts performed at Schizoid Music Series, Cornelia St. Café, February 2005, and X- Avant Festival, Toronto. September 2006, as well as multiple other venues/concerts.
  • Wrestling Monks for gamelan. World Turning Festival, NYC. August 2003. Deep Listening Space,         Kingston, NY. November 2003. Revised version, Schizoid Music Series, Cornelia St. Café, February 2005, and Indonesian Consulate, NYC, March 2004.
  • Regina 15-1/2 Music at the Anthology Series. Anthology Film Archives, NYC. February 2000.
  • Double for Orchestra 2001. Lang Concert Hall, Swarthmore College, and Center for Urban Life, Philly. November 1999.
  • Live Take for Bertram Turetzky, double bass.  Taplin Hall, Princeton University.  April 1999.
  • Pemangku for tape and dancer. ICMC Festival, the Power Center, Ann Arbor. SEAMUS Festival at Dartmouth. October 1998.
  • 127 Studies On A Single Orchestrion for the Paul Dresher Ensemble. Taplin Hall, Princeton University. April 1998.
  • Walking/Falling for percussionist Dan Druckman. ZOOM: Composers Close Up series, Merkin Concert Hall, NYC. September 1997.
  • Dwindle Down for the Nash Ensemble of London. Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University. April 1997.
  • In the Water for revamped toy organ, ‘cello, and talker. Princeton Composers’ Concert. April 1997.
  • Fetish Cabinet for Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, prepared piano and boombox. Princeton Composers’ Concert. March 1996.
  • Table of Toys and Numbers for trumpet and organ. Williamstown, MA. July 1995.
  • Refleksi for 7 homemade percussion sets. 5 + 5: Dutch-Indonesian Collaborative Exhibit. Java, Indonesia. June 1994.
  • Breath 5’00” for double bass quartet. Rice University Auditorium. March 1994.
  • For the Birds for flute, clarinet, and boombox. Pentas Komponis Modern. Studio Mendut, Java, Indonesia. March 1994.
  • Pathetan for Bb clarinet, violin, and tape. Karya Firman. Cemeti Art Gallery, Java, Indonesia. October 1993.
  • Wilujeng for spike fiddle and three tapes; Ciptaku Padamu for three boomboxes. Gamelan di Dunia International. Studio Mendut, Java, Indonesia. June 1993.
  • Rasp for Javanese spike fiddle, boombox, and digital delay; The Ninth for alto voice, flute, ‘cello, tape player and turntable; Entrance Music for clarinet and tape. Mayday! Concert. AVA Gallery, Lebanon, NH. May 1992.